“Stranger” EP Release Party

Rise or Decay Presents: STRANGERS

New Haven, CT, April 13, 2013– Rise or Decay Presents: “STRANGERS”; featuring the release of True Blues’ EP and a live performance, along with fellow Rise or Decay associates killdavidmiller who will premiere his newest video “Paper & Plastic”, and Nick Fradiani opening the evening with a live acoustic set.

Rise or Decay is a team of forward thinking musicians and artists led by Tim Capezzone. Tim is a record producer and songwriter signed to Clarence Avant’s Interior Music (UMG).

Team members True Blues (an up-and-coming rock band), killdavidmiller (vocalist extraordinaire), and Nick Fradiani (songwriter and front-man of popular CT band Beach Avenue) will all be in the building for a special showcase exhibiting some of their latest works.

Tim hopes to foster a sense of camaraderie between the New Haven community and Rise or Decay’s art.

The event will be held at “The Gallery at UpCrown”, which is located at 216 Crown Street, New Haven, CT 06511. Doors open at 9:00pm.

For free entry, guests may register at rsvp@riseordecay.com at any point prior to the event. Pre-registering for this event entitles you to an open bar and periodic email updates from the Rise or Decay team. For guests who prefer not to join the mailing list there will be a $5 cover at the door. This is a 21+ event with limited space. Please RSVP before April 13th, 2013.



Catching up with: Sam Moodie, The First Lady of BullDog Bikes

Julius  Stone, one of the  contributing writers at BDG Industries  recently got in touch in with Sam Moodie,The First Lady of Bulldog Bikes to see whats  been popping across the pond!  Cheer-O and DR Who and such

BDG: Hey Sam, how are What have you been up to professionally?
Sam Moodie: yoyoyo waaaazzzuppp!!! How are you Jules, I been so busy making moves in a variety of genres. Yes most people will associate me with BMX stunt riding ,but I also; Aerial Hoop,Fire Dancing, Pole-Dancing, ParkourFashion Design, Modeling- Adidas /Leg Modelling, Olympic stunt double for Shanaze Reade, Presenter for Eurosport.  I love trying new things =]12279_456817981043135_1944906219_n 398352_456810574377209_1641498300_nBDG: Damn you been  pretty busy. So tell me what inspires your fashion sense?

Sam Moodie: I literally catch things and go into mid daydream, eventually get hold of the materials to customize to whatever I managed to wrangle in my brain. If that makes sense. I really don’t like to repeat clothes which is really bad I have so many, and I really don’t like seeing someone else in what I’m wearing! Stubborn! I want to be on my own level, I’m comfortable like that. It feels like the wild wild west everyday. So  I always get the urge to change an item of clothing before I’ve got the price tag off it.


BDG: So Sam what are you feelings on women in extreme sports industry

Sam Moodie:Love it! girls run the world! it so sexy, sexy women all over the world dominating and shredding at sports! its nang! and I hope it pushes other girls into doing more with their lives and living a bit! Instead of going straight to the kitchen :] there is never enough time… so don’t waste it, tomorrow we could be gone, yesterday could of been the best day of your life, for the 8th time, there is no limits now, you can do anything with the power of the love, live to love your life!


BDG: That is really inspiring to hear, and so honest thank you for that, I noticed you recently did an amazing photo shoot, how did you link up with the photographer?

Sam Moodie: OHHH MYYY GAWWWWDDD , this girl! she’s like my twin! our minds connected with such great ideas, but basically Jimmy Mac my bmx & lifestyle mentor  hooked up me up with link to this talented artist and she already had a concept all planned out for me. so when I arrived on set,  it took me off my feet, we explored so many different styles in one day, really utilized her time with me AND I LOVE THAT BECAUSE THERE IS  NEVER ENOUGH TIME!  I really loved the outcome of the photos. We’ve grown a great bond between us  and are already planning many  events & projects to work on in  the future.


BDG:What inspired the shoot

Sam Moodie & Adanne W: The shoot was inspired by Sams look. I did my research on her and noticed that most of her shoots were focused on her BMX riding image. But I could see an elegant classical look to her also..Despite the tattoos and piercings, she had an old fashioned look to her.. her face is striking and so is her body and she’s clearly very photogenic. So the shoot was a mixture of Sam’s femininity and her style, but taking that and placing her in a different era. [Adanne W Photography]

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 19.31.36

BDG:Whats next for Sam Moodie ?

Sam MoodieWell….slowing building my name! getting back into BMX shape, and at some point releasing a singing cover and hopefully a track in the new future, along with more modeling projects & dance…. living life and tryna climb that ladder ;]  watch this space!

Follow Sam Moodie on Twitter  @smoodie_moodie

For more info about  the photographer please visit:

Credit-Photos-Adanne W Photography

The Epic Adventures of Wild Bilz ! Episode 1

Just in case you missed it on youtube, BDG Industries very own Wild Bilz, he is one hell of a nut.

With out further ado BDG Industries proudly Presents: The Epic Adventures of Wild Bilz ! Episode 1

To follow more of Wild Bilz antics check out his  Facebook and Twitter  pages


Facebook:  Wild Bilz

Check back here next Monday for episode 2.

A$AP TyY x Kali Protective

Congrats to A$AP TyY, who has become one of the first street motorcross riders to get a major motorcross sponsorship deal!!!

Kali Protective, a leader in protective bike, motorcross, and snow gear, recognized TyY for his unique skills and abilities to maneuver the NY streets and will now cover his back with their latest products!! You can see the products and TyY tearing up the streets of Harlem!!! Be on the lookout!

A$AP TyY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bdg Industries is proud to manage emerging music artist/street motor-cross rider A$AP TyY, member of the world famous rap crew A$AP Mob.

TyY’s style is influenced by his life, the ‘Bike Life’ lifestyle, his A$AP crew, and of course NYC.

The buzz around him is crazy right now! With strong write ups in Double XXL, Complex Magazine, and on premiere music websites NahRight.com, and TwoDopeBoys.com. TyY is also a YouTube sensation with his street riding videos, burning down the streets of Harlem!

A$AP TyY gets extra gully in his debut music video which features the tracks “SYM” produced by Henry Daher, and “Ryder Sh@t” produced by SpaceGhostPurrp. The video was directed by Jor-El Asberry for KicksTV Productions. Watch and listen: A$APmob.com

Just last week, TyY was on stage at the 2012 CMJ Music with a host of other up-and-coming artists, premiering some of his new tracks.

Check out the link to a behind-the-scenes Complex interview:

Check out A$AP TyY on Twitter and Instagram:

Twitter: asap__tyy,
Instagram: Asap__tyy.

Also, go peep the bdg Industries videos channel: https://vimeo.com/bdgindustries to see all the other hot sh*t we got going on!!