Stash & Ariston + Amber Pickens=Amazing Event !!


This past Saturday  the team  over at Stash & Ariston took on a Benefit Concert- “Ngoma Arusha” which was produced by Amber Pickens a second year dance student at the  Juilliard School.   The concert was held at George Faison’s Firehouse Theater on 124th.   The event was a great success and featured  amazing artists such as Abdur-Rahim Jackson, who recently choreographed the LED section of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” 2013 Super Bowl performance.

photoThe team was so proud to work this event “I knew this was going to be an amazing event, what a great group of talented artist!” Julius Stone said while talking about the event. The purpose of concert was to help raise money for a arts teaching experience for Ms. Pickens over in Tanzania, where she will be presenting  dance classes and seminars to local students.

Stash & Ariston is 2012 Hybrid Festival sponsor



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