So Thats What It’s All About…


Contact: PR Department
Tel: 646.544.1854


BDG Industries is extremely excited to announce the 2nd Annual Hybrid Festival, taking place on Saturday, August 25th at the Black Diamond Skate Park, located in the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia, PA, from Noon to 7pm.

The Hybrid Festival is a one-day festival, catering to the Emerging Culture – people who identify with multiple lifestyles and genres. Hybrid Festival has elements of live music, visual arts and action-sports.

Our performance stage features amazing musical acts, spotlighting some of the most exciting up-and-coming artists and bands from the US in hip-hop, rock and punk. The 2012 lineup features: Game rebellion, Stateside, Tsunami Rising, A Story Left Untold, Dispute to Flame, Chill Moody, Apollo The Great, Denzil Porter, Jigz, Julian Stevens, r.O.b and The Unit.

We will also be hosting several BMX Street competitions, including: a street course, 180 jump contest, a bunny hop contest and more. The competitions will feature some of the best street riders in the world for some of the top bike companies/teams. Hybrid Festival will have riders representing: Bulldog Bikes, Animal, Skavenger, FBM, Cult, SE, DC, Mirra Co and Redline.

We’re also holding an ‘Art Battle’ where artists will compete against each other by creating an original piece on-site and then being judged whose piece is the best.

The festival will also have a vendor area where our sponsors will be selling their product and handing out tons of free stuff!!! Our sponsors are a who’s-who list of companies in emerging culture, action sports, art, beverages and media. They include: Vita Coco, FLUD Watches, Bulldog Bikes, Animal Bikes, SE Bikes, FBM Bikes, Black Diamond Skate Park, UrbanInk Magazine, Rebel Ink Magazine and more.

Hybrid Festival is a free event!


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