BDG Industries official launch party photos…

So as many of you know on Tuesday November 1st was the official launch party for BDG Industries. It was a great night filled with a ton of wonderful people on hand to witness the festivities, thank you to everyone who made it out in effort to support BDG Industries on the start of this great venture. We’d also like to thank all of our great DJs whom were also on hand at the event (DJ Jay Ski, DJ Diamond, DJ Ill Matrix, DJ Brown Bum), we want to give a big thank you to our sponsors for the evening (Studio 21, Urban Ink Magazine, Buzz Brownies, DJ IllMatrix) To everyone else who helped out or came out to celebrate this exciting new time and new growth for the company thank you all very much for the support and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!!! In the mean time enjoy these photos from the launch party!!

Event Flyer, thank you to the many whom came out and everyone who helped. BDG Industries!

Keisha Blake, Julius Stone (Thanks Julius for the wonderful job!!) and Jimmy Mac Mcneal (Founder & Ceo of BDG Industries)…

Some of the step and repeat…

on left Lilly Kiser (whom took most of the photos for the evening, thank you Lilly!!) along with a friend..

part of Game Rebellion came through to show some love, if you’ve never seen these dudes play live you need to check them out!!

from left: Bulldog Bikes “TM” Michael Duda & Ceo/founder of BDG Industries Jimmy Mac Mcneal..

photographer Lilly Kiser (Lilly took most of the pictures @ the event.)

Ceo/Founder of BDG Industries Jimmy Mac Mcneal, the evening and BDG Industries would not be possible without the dream and determination of Mr.Mcneal..

Mike Conkland

From Left: Chris Aceto, Bulldog Bike’s “TM” Mike Duda, BDG Industries Ceo Jimmy McNeal

From right Cult’s Big James came threw to hangout and show some love…

Again Thank you again to everyone who came out for this exciting night, we look forward to the future and what it brings!! (Photo credit on all photos: Lilly Kiser)


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